Head Office

Kungstensgatan 23A
113 57 Stockholm Sweden


Lectures & Press Enquiries

Would you like one of us to verbalize what we have learned or participate in a debate? Are you running short of world class jurors? Say hello!

Samuel Skwarski

+46 (0) 767 730 456

New Business

Would you like to know more about what we do, how we think and what we can do for you as a client?

Eva Holmström

+46 (0) 736 336 411

Careers & Internships

If you’re experiencing difficulties finding your place in the world, if you are constantly misunderstood or feel the urge to change things, you would probably feel quite at home at Volontaire. If you, in addition, embrace creative challenges and have the curiosity to join us on our journey, then the sky is your limit.

You can expect to be inspired by a team of super-talented and fun individuals. And in return, we expect to be inspired by you.