Perfect – come sit with us! We believe that a variety of people with different perspectives, backgrounds and professions makes us better. This is why Skrivbordet (the Desk) is very special to us. We offer you a desk, Wi-Fi, printer and loads of coffee for free. All we ask of  you is to bring your own chair! To give as many people as possible the opportunity to sit at our desk, we change guest every third month.


Bengt Vernberg

The founder of Testfakta (Test Facts), an independent organization that tests products.

David Morgenstern

A playful psychologist, specialized in HR. He worked with recruitment and skills development.

Jonas Lidman

An innovation consultant and KaosPilot. He lead business development and wrote TV-shows.

Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg

An illustrator who also sewed large vegetables.

Dan Berglund

One of Sweden’s most talented illustrators, represented by Agent Bauer.

Jimmy Lindh

A web programmer who worked with audio pro functionality on the internet and in mobile applications.

Raoul Galli

A social anthropologist and doctoral student at Stockholm University. His research included social and psychological structures in the advertising world.

Sofie Violett Pehrsson

An artist exhibiting paintings at Liljevalchs salon at the same time as she studied to become a librarian.

Interested? Send your application to skrivbordet@volontaire.com and we’ll get in touch as soon as the desk is free.