Volontaire is a creative agency that has been pushing the limits for modern communication since its start in 2009.

Our name is short for what we believe in; creating communication that is so interesting and meaningful that people want to engage with it – voluntarily.

With the exponential pace of change in the media landscape, this is more important today as it ever was. In the wake of digitalization and the proliferation of media channels, many marketing departments find themselves participating in a chicken race determined by the latest buzzwords.

When even sustainability becomes à la mode like content, programmatic or customer journeys, it is high time to ensure the core of the brand and the principles of the company do not disappear in the quest for conversion.

Volontaire’s work functions as an insurance policy for your brand; making sure that its core strengths are clearly defined and communicated in a relevant way, regardless of the touch point – be it the product, service, internal, or external channels, earned or bought media, etc.


”You are a fantastic bunch of people with so much warmth and wisdom. To us it is important to work with people we like and who have a real commitment to the issues we engage in. We have found that in you, and we are so proud of what we have done together. Finding an agency with people who are both skillful AND nice is the highest profit :-)”

Diana Amini, Global Manager at H&M Foundation

”Volontaire understands our business, provides great consumer insights and always does what is best for our brand without compromising on creativity. They are also well organized and easy to work with.”

Camilla Svensson, Marketing Manager at Libero Nordics


Our collaborations come in many sizes on different markets, from local to Nordic to Global. Born digital, we help brands to survive in a constantly changing world. Our work is based on insights in human values, behaviors, dreams and needs. By solving real problems, we create long term value and gain trust and recommendation – from our clients, their customers and society at large. Together with our clients and third-party specialists we craft strategies and solutions that affect people, serve their needs and make true impact in their lives.

We put the solution at the center of everything we do, and add the media channels and disciplines needed around it. Be it emotional, practical, technical – a perfectly designed service, the most effective store material, the movie to tell the story or the perfect PR strategy.

In short, we use communication to build trust.

By deserving – not stalking

By earning – not consuming

By respecting – not violating

By reinforcing – not devaluing

By building – not exploiting